Hep C

Survival Guide

A Guidebook written by Hepatitis C patients

What Is Hepatitis C?


Hepatitis C is the chronic inflammation and infection of the liver which can develop when an infected patients blood is transfused to a one without.

Chronic Hepatitis C


This is type of condition where the patient has lost the ability of a self healing liver and requires a lot of external help.


They are some of the best doctors who make sure that the patients feel helped and also make sure that they have the right help when they need it.


Brian R. McKinnie

The staff is very helpful and can make sure that they have the right help when one needs them.


Daryl D. Lowman



Hepatitis C Symptoms

One of the main symptoms that doctors catch is the inability to breath properly.

Is Hepatitis C Contagious?

Hepatitis C is not contagious as it does not spread with hand to hand touch.

Hepatitis C Antibody

There are many antibodies that one taken early can easily prevent hepatitis from becoming worse.

How Do You Get Hepatitis C?

There are many was but one of the most common way is the blood to blood transfusion.

Hepatitis C Tests

There are many test which allows them to have the right kind of help when they need them.

Hepatitis C Vaccine

We have a wide array of vaccines which allows you to have a healthy body before it happens.


Treatment Of Hepatitis C

We have experts from all around the world who want to make sure that the treatment works well on everyone.


Who We Are?

We are a group of people who can make sure that you have the right experts to guide you through tough times.

What we Do?

We aim at eradicating Hepatitis C and with your help we see this to be a possibility one day.


How Can A Person Gain From Free Betting Websites

Gambling grand dragon lotto is one of the most ancient forms of games that are still being played by people. In this form of the game, a person has to bet on their valuable belongings and financial funds. At the end of the game, the one who emerges victorious takes away all the money and other valuable items placed as a bet. Due to the need of winning more and more, the became an addiction for many. People started getting submerged in the game so much that they sold their houses and all their valuable items. This was the reason why betting and other gambling activities were banned in different parts of the world. But thanks to the internet that the world of betting found a virtual platform to reach the lovers of gambling. This article will describe the benefits of free betting sites. So let’s begin.


How to bet safely?

All you need is strategic thinking. With the use of the standard deck, this game can be played in different types. And the betting also involves one or two rounds dependent upon the type of game played. Betting is according to the belief of the player that their hand consists of the cards that are worth to defeat other players. Once all the money is placed in the pot, it is a call to reveal the hand and the winner gets the jackpot. This game not only requires strategy but also the actions of other players in terms of probability and psychology. Game theory could be determined once a player is skilled.

Playing poker at traditional venues, such as Casino, is for novice players but for a professional player it is very easy to play online. Kokoqq is even cheaper as well. Play is mainly dependent on the act of betting. It is developed to get rid of going on the geographical areas and playing it.  


Benefits Of Free Betting Websites

Today, different betting websites are available on the internet. A person can easily log in to these sites from anywhere in the world and use it to place a bet on any sport they like. The benefits of using these sites are given below:

  • The interface of the website is user-friendly and therefore can be used by any person who has a piece of general knowledge about computers. 
  • These sites allow a person to bet for free. Therefore,  a person does not have to pay any amount to create an account on these sites. 
  • One can earn a lot of money if they know the dos and don ts of betting. 
  • There are different sporting events that are available on these websites. A person can choose their favorite one out of the list and place their money.


Betting is one of the most adored forms of recreational activities in the world. This is the reason why the market brought it to a digital platform so that it can have a global reach.

How to Prevent Falling into Gambling Addiction


Gambling addiction can be uninvited if you do not keep track of your time and money while you are playing games inside a casino. Gambling can be a really addictive hobby which can either bring great fortune for you or end you up in a state of bankruptcy. It is the main reason why scr88 gambling is illegal in most of the parts of the world, as people lose everything in the hope of that one big win. Although many gamblers get filthy rich playing the games, it is still not an option to go all out. So how does one prevent themselves from falling into the trap of gambling while sneaking out the wins? Here are tips to prevent gambling addiction.

Always have cash for your dinner

There are two things you have to keep in mind when you are gambling – the time and the money in your pocket. Always bring a watch inside a casino and know when you have to leave. Avoid bringing your credit card or valuable to the casino. Keep a limited amount of cash in your pocket which you a spend entirely on casino games. In case you lose all the cash, be calm and leave the table. There is always another day. The professional gamblers have a limit for their winnings also, and they leave the game once they have reached their mark. They always keep the last bill remaining in their pocket for their dinner.

Find new hobbies

Gambling can never be a hobby. It can either be a profession or an addiction. If it is not your profession, then you might need better hobbies to pass your time. You should find other recreational activities which can actually bring out your art. Once you understand that your gambling is just a method of making quick money and there are smart ways for doing so, you will stop dreaming about it. The change that you need is to stop seeing the casino as a golden hen but a type of stock where you invest properly while managing your money.

Stick around family and friends

Many times the gamblers play for too long that they lose touch with their family members as well as their friends. Dedicate more time to people you know than the people you gamble with. It will offer you something new to do, and you will probably not end up being addicted to one thing. Being lonely also boosts the thoughts of continuous gambling as you start to find joy and escape in it. Instead of gambling use, the free time to go out for other entertainments with your friends. Try being more social and apply your skills in real life instead of gambling.

How to Save Money While Playing Slots


Slots might be the most effortless game inside casinos where all you have to do its pull the lever and hope for the best. Apart from the fact that it has huge payouts, there is nothing really interesting about slot machines. The fact that it is the main source of profits for casinos speaks for itself, as the chances of winning are very rare compared to the amount of money people spend on 96ace slots. So how can one save on the machines? There is no straight-up solution for this, and you can try these strategies which will keep you conscious about your money and prevent any overflowing losses.

Play low denomination games

While choosing a slot, do not go for the highest denomination slot thinking that you have higher chances of winning. Rather choose the low denomination games, even though the jackpots are lower. Play on the lower denomination machines with the money you have so you can play for a longer time.

Do not use bad vibe machines

You should not choose a machine which you do not feel confident with, not because it will shatter your luck but if you lose in that it will only create a bad mood for you. Play on the good vibe machines instead, so even if you lose at least have some fun. If you are not feeling lucky playing on a machine, do not let it enter your head and move on to a new machine if necessary.

Try progressive slots with huge jackpots

Progressive slots are programmed to add value to the jackpot every time someone plays on a machine until someone wins it. You can play on high-value progressive slots for a limit and try winning. Sometimes even a small amount of plays can win a huge jackpot which was getting accumulated for days. But again it does not offer a guaranteed win, and the chance of winning it can be rare, so do not overplay your limits.

Play at machines with high percentage wins

There are plenty of machines which offer bigger jackpots or high win rates. Instead of playing on the machines which have a rare chance of winning, it is only sane to pick the machines which actually gives better hopes. Before choosing a game, compare the options that you have based on the affordability, win rates, and payouts. Being aware of these things will help you get a faster win.

Learn new games

There are plenty of games to choose from while playing slots. You can try out different games online indo poker as well as live platforms which have different multipliers. There are actually several games which can provide an added advantage to the wins. Try to not get used to one game, and become more flexible to try out different games. There should be no exceptions in limiting your money, so try out only the games which you can in your limit for a day.


How To Win At Craps


Craps is one of the most popular in casinos which offers a lot of odds which falls in the hands of the players. This is one game which allows you wager of money with the guarantee for double returns, but there are a lot of strategies but finding the right one is always difficult. Here are some of the best tips toto hari ini which can make sure that you have got the ways in which you can win at carps.

The Dice Control

There are only small numbers of dice controllers who can get the right frequency of the 7s and increase the frequency of the points that enough to change the odds of a craps game in your favour. Having the right dice control is a skill which demands that you have the right practice to help ensure that you understand the right throw 4d lottery. Even with the right skills, there is a high chance that you might fail. There are many physical conditions which can help you lose your rhythm for the day.

Keep your pass and bet minimum at the table

For the most online games, you need to understand that the random number generator will select the right numbers. There is no opportunity given to you, which can lead you to fail. No matter your game online and live casinos will not roll the numbers that you need. All you can do is to make sure that you have the right bets in your favour and try to cut the house edge to the bone and try to win as much as you can, try to go for frequent wins rather than a big win. There are many string approaches that you will have to pass on when it comes to betting without any free odds or underlying odds.

Keep your original bets to table minimum, make up the rest of the wager by laying the odds

The key here to make sure that your initial wager is of the minimum which will allow you to fill it with the next best with the right odds. Also, it is important that you understand that the majority of your bets are paid at true odds and try to make this a point at winning money. If the bigger portion of your bets have the odds at the house, the combination of odds winning in your favour drastically decreases.

In Conclusion

The house edge is the sole consideration which allows you to bet on the odds. Never bet money on the thing that you cannot afford as it might result in your loss. If you are at a winning streak try to make sure that your bankroll is building and try to raise your bets which can help increase the odds which will allow you to keep your pass when you are betting at a table minimum.

My Experience In Casinos


I am actually someone who is very interested in going all around the world because I have a taste for wanderlust. My sense of wanderlust has actually increased more and more in the last few years, and I do not see it decreasing anytime soon. That is one of the reasons why I have been to so many casinos in so many places like Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Macau, and Monte Carlo. These are some of the best cities where casinos are actually a bid deal, and gambling is also taken incredibly seriously as well.

Gambling has indeed taken over the lives of millions of people, and they are actually totally okay with it. That is because gambling sportsbook online malaysia has proven to be something that is very entertaining, and people really do enjoy it.

Well, when they do gamble, some people do forget that they are playing games of chance and that there is absolutely no guarantee that they will win anything at all. That is the main thing that you should be keeping in mind, all of the games in a casino are games of chance, and you are actually incredibly naïve if you think that there is actually an assured way that you would win, because there isn’t. Well, obviously there are chances that you could win as well because the casino is not going to straight out loot you. They do indeed have some sly ways to take your money.

They will actually make you spend so much of your money, before you realize that you have spent a lot, you will notice that several hours have passed by and that you have actually spent way more money than what you initially decided to spend. That would be because the casinos would have hired people like dealers and also some waiters/waitresses to bring you some drinks and some food as well. This will make a little drunken, or at least a little buzzed and that would potentially throw you off your senses, and probably even your gambling prowess may get affected by it.

This has actually happened to me before, but I made sure that it did happen after I had been in casinos for awhile. Well, basically they are designed with a lot of glamour and luxury in mind, but you should know that all of that is made like that because they want to entice you and make you want to stay longer. Las Vegas is actually the brightest city, and it can be seen from space very clearly, and that is because it is designed to look appealing. You should see through the facade, and you should make sure that you head in with a fixed budget and stick to it.


7 Natural Treatment Tips for Colds and Flu

Natural Treatment

Ancient generation believed in the home treatments. Natural treatments are more effective and possess very fewer side effects. If you are looking for some natural treatment tips for cold and flu, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are discussing the home remedies to treat and even prevent the cold and flu.

1.     Learn to recognize the symptoms

The very common negligence people express a lack of capacity to recognize the sickness. They take health discomfort for granted. When you encounter annoying symptoms like an itchy nose, heavy breathing, cold shivering and mild body ache then it is the time to treat your body, make it strong to fight against the germs and sickness.

2.    Keep yourself clean

The study says that individuals with unhygienic body type are more prone to diseases. Maintaining a clean body will keep you protected from worldly sickness. Warm water bath, hot water mouth gargling, cleaning the nose and keeping the ears covered can keep you away from many illnesses. Especially when you have a cold, keeping yourself clean is a highly efficient way of getting rid of it.

3.    Use hot water and salt

Hot water with salt is the very significant thing to fight against germs that are attached to your outer skin. Saltwater rinsing helps to break the nasal blockages and also kills the virus and bacteria from your nose. Once you make a mixture of salt and water, use a bulb syringe or a nasal irrigation kit to clean your nose. Make sure you add right proportion of solvents.


4.    Keep yourself warm and protected

When you realize that you are catching a cold or flu, do not hesitate to keep yourself protected.  Keeping yourself covered and giving some rest to your body to fight against the foreign agents helps your body get the right direction to rebuild the immunity.

5.    Take hot food and beverages

Hot food and liquid can keep your body protected from cold and flu. They kill the minor and major germs that enter your body from outer space. It will provide a soothing effect. If your inner lining has inflamed membrane, then drinking hot liquid can suppress them and heel the membrane quickly.

6.   Taking steam shower

Science says steam can heal any rapture tissues of living very quickly. When you are suffering from a blockage of nose or cold and a running nose, taking stream through your nose, can clear the nasal passage and enhance your breathing. Taking a steam bath can relax your skin tissues and remove the body ache.

7.    Eat healthy food

This is much known but most neglected tip. Eating habits are the first agents that keep you away from the illness or the driving forces of sickness. If you are very prone to eating unhygienic food, then your body takes some time to get adjusted to that environment. Make sure you eat clean, cooked and baked food. Wash your hands before you eat.

Digestive problems: 6 Tips for Daily Life

Tips for Daily Life

Digestion-related conditions need special care. They may sound silly but are highly dangerous if not treated well. The study says that 23% of the deaths in the African continent are due to the ill-treatment of the digestion related problems. There are many channels through which these conditions occur, for example, unhygienic food and water, untreated infections, chronic stress and unclean environment. If you are looking for some tips for digestive problems, then you are on the right webpage. In this article, we are discussing a few very efficient tips for daily life.

Tip 1: Learn about digestion related problems

The very common mistake people complain about is the lack of awareness about digestion related problems. They say “prevention is always better than cure”, so if you are aware of the fact that can harm your smoothly running body, then you will get a chance to take good care of it. Hence having minimum knowledge about the problem is greatly appreciated.

Tip 2: Monitor your diet plan

The very basic and most primitive actions you need to take to overcome your digestive problems are to monitor your diet plan. If you have healthy eating as a habit, then health will be your slave. It abides by everything you ask for. Know what kind of food is suitable for your body. If you find something is not really working with your internal system, then avoid consuming it.

Tip 3: Add more liquids to your diet

The very significant advice to overcome the digestive problem is to add more liquid to your diet. Water or other healthy beverages can clean the tracts and keep the gut clean and healthy. The very first advice doctor gives you when you take your digestion-related issue is “Drink more water”.

Tip 4: Avoid cold food

As per the study, digestive problems are more prone to individuals who consume more frozen or unhygienic food. Avoid taking cold food. Make sure you consume only cooked and baked food. When you are suffering from a digestive problem, your colons has less energy to breakdown the food and extract energy. Hence to make things easy, eat the cooked food.

Tip 5: Stress is a contributor

Stress is the most health disorder causing agent these days. Stress monitoring can fetch great health benefits. It is found that stress has a lot many things to do with our physical health discomfort; for example, stress leads to overthinking and overthinking initiates overeating. Over eating is a direct driver of digestive problems. Stress imbalance the hormones and that disturbs the digestion process.

Tip 6: Body exercise

Do you know that having a daily exercise can reduce your colon related problems? Exercises come with immense health benefits. Exercises like running, walking, skipping, jogging, and swimming can keep your body from many sicknesses. When you exercise your body burns energy, body cells heats up and becomes very active, crossing all the discomforts.