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Lacey (coming soon)
Freyja (coming soon)
Cromme on her Ass
(his name is Jesse)

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Hang in there!  We are all undetectable within 2 months of starting treatment, so there is light at the end of the rainbow!!!

We would like to thank those people from the shn board whose ideas we pirated for this guide and to those who sent us their input, especially Graphix and Cromme. We would also like to thank our kind doctors, Dr. Rosen at OSHU and Drs. Hoofnagle, Doo and Ghany at NIH for putting up with us.  And Lacey and I would especially like to thank the kind nurses and staff at NIH for being so very sympathetic and not making us wait forever to see them and also for distributing our guide to other patients!

We also want to thank our support group leader at WASH http://www.hepatitis-c-suprt-wadc.org, Joan Bennett Nayeri for making us organize this information by asking us to get up in front of our group and whine for three hours about our side effects.

In case you wondering if we look like normal people, here's a recent photo of us wacky babes!

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Lacey, Trishamn & Freyja
February, 1999

Oh, everyone asks us "How did you all meet?"   Although Freyja lives in Portland, OR and Lacey lives in Silver Spring, MD, Frejya and I started talking on the internet, she mentioned that her sister was also be treated at NIH and that Redbook was also interviewing her for their hep c article.  I got her number, and we all have been budettes ever since.

Please feel free to e-mail us or better yet, go to the WebMD health & wellness center and post your question on the Hepatitis C Message Boards or chat room (We hang out on the Message Boards).  You'll meet lots more people that way!!! http://hcv.webmd.com/hepatitis_c_1.html

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Since the article originally appeared on a shaded background, you should probably print it out to read it.
Read about poor Lacey and I in May, 1999's Redbook, called "Health Alert, The Next Deadly Disease" or as we like to call the article, "The Poor Pitiful Women of Redbook".  You will laugh, you will cry.  Actually, you won't really laugh at all, get the hanky out for this one ladies, and don't forget to baggie them when you are through.  Freyja says the author missed his calling, he should be writing scripts for tear-jerkers!

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