Here are some very good Hepatitis Links that we highly recommend:

Defaul1.jpg (2371 bytes) Bennet Cecil, M.D., INC. Corporate Medical Director Hepatitis C Treatment Centers, INC., an EXCELLENT, well organized site where you can learn all about hcv, and Dr. Cecil will even respond to your email questions!!

tbdr1bull.gif (2512 bytes) Kathy's Hepatitis C Information Page, great site full of super links that she updates weekly.
hepcesn.jpg (2682 bytes) Hepatitis C Education and Support Network, Inc. - Provides support and Education to the public, patients and anyone who wants to learn more about hepatitis c.
drpicture.gif (7375 bytes) - A most excellent site where Dr. Mark Sulkowsky from John Hopkins University will post answers to your Hepatitis questions.   Check out his Q&A by catagory, a most excellent resource!!
hcop.gif (3018 bytes) Hepatitis Community Outreach Project - An organization with a focus on enhancing community efforts toward prevention, awareness, education, and treatment of Hepatitis C or go to:
virusnotext.JPG (20771 bytes) The Hepatitis C Virus Gallery by Graphix: Visualize the virus and your treatment success through the very talented "minds eye" of Graphix.
joan.jpg (34666 bytes) - The Wash Hepatitis Support Group.  A wonderful resource for people in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.
webMD_logo.gif (7065 bytes) WebMD-An excellent site with chat and message boards.  Talk to other heppers about your hcv concerns.
Dragfiretitle.jpg (22033 bytes) - Visit Smilin' Sandi from Whitby, Ontario, Canada.  Actually one of the first sites that I visited when I was diagnosed, Sandi's Crusade Against Hepatitis C has been educational support site for fellow heppers since Fall/97.  Check it out. 
hllogo1.gif (4763 bytes) - Links to websites which may include treatments, diagnosis, prevention, support groups, email lists, messageboards, personal stories, risk factors, statistics, research and more.
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(980k pdf file)
Since the article originally appeared on a shaded background, you should probably print it out to read it.
Read about poor Lacey and I in May, 1999's Redbook, called "Health Alert, The Next Deadly Disease" or as we like to call the article, "The Poor Pitiful Women of Redbook".  You will laugh, you will cry.  Actually, you won't really laugh at all, get the hanky out for this one ladies, and don't forget to baggie them when you are through.  Freyja says the author missed his calling, he should be writing scripts for tear-jerkers!

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